Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Headlight bulb replacement Ford Ka?

Can some kind soul tell me how to change a headlight bulb on a Ford Ka ? It appears you have to have hands the size of a 2 year old !!Headlight bulb replacement Ford Ka?Some cars have access through the wheel arch.My old rover 75 had this.Check your owners book,it might tell you!Headlight bulb replacement Ford Ka?tell me about it, I have grazed knuckles from when I attempted to do it.. keep the bulb as a spare and go to halfords and buy a new one, they have a fitting service for about 2 to fit a new bulb.

no stress.. no grazed knuckles and no worries about getting greasy fingers on the glass.

or read this bulb replacement Ford Ka?You are correct they are pigs the one behind the battery tends to be the worst and also the most common. Perseverance is the only thing i can say, or take it to your nearest garage. and let them struggle. :)

CharlieHeadlight bulb replacement Ford Ka?First break all your fingers! Just kidding! Charlies right. You don't say what side but the battery side is tricky.I've got mitts like shovels but managed! Persevere but keep a box of Band aids handy! Good luck! Just remember to try and not touch the bulb itself or you get to do it all over again!