Thursday, September 22, 2011

Chevy aveo healdight question!?

heloo there!, i saw on tv a commercial for these headlights, they are mind to shine 30% further or something like that, i cant remember the name of them, if anyone could tell me id be grateful! Also i have a chevy aveo that my wife uses to get to work and back, i want to change them so she is safer driving with them. Especially this time of year, problem is im not a mechanic, does any mechanic or chevy owner tell me how to change the headlight bulbs, and if you can just out of curiousity, tell me how to change the tail lights too? Thanks!!Chevy aveo healdight question!?You prob. seen an advertisement for silverstar headlights but a company named nikon makes a headlight that is brighter than the silverstars and actually about 10 dollars less in cost you can get them through your local autozone and they have to be special ordered

How do you change a 2003 Volkswagen Passat Wagon headlight?

This is the dim light. If you know what type of bulb to use it would be helpful. We don't have the owners manual.How do you change a 2003 Volkswagen Passat Wagon headlight?Lisa, the website below is an excellent source of info to keep your Passat alive. The second link is how to change the headlamp bulb. Good luck. do you change a 2003 Volkswagen Passat Wagon headlight?Well, first it would really have to want to is a board for questions about the VW

How do I change out the bulbs in my 2004 Lexus LS430?

My Headlights started flickering Christmas eve. I got a few opinions. The conclusion I came up with is that its either the bulb or the ballast. i would like to try the bulb thats working on the non functioning side but do not know how to remove the bulb. Can anyone help?How do I change out the bulbs in my 2004 Lexus LS430?Open the hood, look over the where the connectors are at. it is usually the one in the middle. you have to twist it counter clock and pull.

How do i change the headlight?

how do i do it i have a bmw i never had one before...ive done it for a honda...its not the same i have no idea how to do this someone help its a bmw 325i

.... i dont have the manual its an old one a 91 and i have the bulbHow do i change the headlight?Not completely sure but some cars have the acces to the headlights under the hood so you can get at them from the back.

2001 Aztek headlights?

How do you access the left headlight to change the bulb on a 2001 Aztek GT?2001 Aztek headlights?there are 2 white clips on the back for the headlight the pull up! this will unlock the headlight and the light will slide to the front! Note if the clip brakes replace it! it will cost about $5 at gm!!
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  • Is there anyway to change the way my headlight cut-off on my 2005 350z?

    i replaced the stock halogen headlights with 6000k hids. i had an installer do it for me. i finally figured out how to get to the bulbs but im not satified with the way they project out on the road. is there anyway to change the way they cut-off?Is there anyway to change the way my headlight cut-off on my 2005 350z?Not really, besides adjusting the headlights. You could look into upgrading to the 06-07 lights, my friend had a 03 , the 03-05 lights are the same. The 06-07 have a larger projector lens which project the light farther an cleaner.. also gives your headlights a much better look on/off. An there is no company that makes after market lights for the 350/370z, at least not in the US.Is there anyway to change the way my headlight cut-off on my 2005 350z?they are illegal without an automatic levelling device to control the beams you can adjust the beams with screws on the headlights

    In general, are Audis difficult to service?

    Some German cars are difficult to service. The designs are very complicated. I heard that Audi A4 require that you take off the front bumper skin and grill to change a headlight bulb and some major body parts need to be taken off to change the water pump. Is this true or at least my impression? I heard that 1980's Maserati Biturbos needed radiator removal to change the oil...very stupid design or designed by someone with no regard to costs and labor. How about Audis, particularly the A4? I am looking for a slightly better car, like Volvo S60, Saab 9-3, Acura TSX, Lexus IS250 AWD, etc.In general, are Audis difficult to service?Audi's are complicated and repair costs will reflect that fact. Audi shops also charge a lot in labor, compared with Honda/Acura mechanics for example. Audi's are also known for their electrical gremlins. If you are concerned about repair costs, I would avoid Audi or stay under a warranty.In general, are Audis difficult to service?Expensive to service.In general, are Audis difficult to service?Yes, I've done that headlight job, it's a joke but not a funny joke. They have lifetime tranny fluid, lifetime, are you kidding me? You can't even check the one I dealt with. Yes expensive to maintain.In general, are Audis difficult to service?NO you dont have to remove the whole front end to change a headlight

    water pump is another story