Friday, June 3, 2011

How do i change the headlight bulb on a 1995 nissan altima?

its not my car, its my friends and he needs it replaced not familiar with nissans, i am a chevy guy ...

i have replaced many headlight bulbs before but i just want to know what im going to be dealing with .. any comments/suggestions/special things i need to do on how to replace this bulb in this car ?

i dont know if its on the drivers or passengers side yet i forgot to ask, and the other side is probably going to go out soon any way, so if you can tell me how to do it on both sides, that would be great

if you know a site that has pictures of this, that would be even better, but if you dont have any pics thats ok

thanks in advanceHow do i change the headlight bulb on a 1995 nissan altima?If have ever change a bulb before, no problem it will be piece of cake. Pull from behind the replacement bulb, many times just need to turn counterclock and disconect the conexxion. Place the new one and turn in the opposite direction. And that s it turn the lights on